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This Free Workshop is Live Online and is where you’ll discover:

  • The Solo Business Blueprint – the proven 4 pillar system you need to confidently grow your Side Business to bring in reliable income – covering everything from how to get clients, the financials and managing imposter syndrome

  • 3 Biggest Mistakes women make when moving from employee to business owner – and exactly how to handle them, so you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of having your own business

  • Your Transit Plan – how to know when you’re ready to ditch the day job and go ‘all in’ on your business – without sacrificing the lifestyle and the travel you love

  • 2 Essential Mindset shifts to manage the inevitable doubts and overwhelm that growing a Side Business brings – so you can silence your ‘inner mean girl’, balance your day job and grow your business without burning out

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“Earn great money, doing work you love, without burning out”