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Our Free Private Facebook Group is a resource and community hub for Career Women who want to create their own business for the next chapter of their work life.

Until the Workshop it can be your ‘Go To’ place for connection and support to help your start and grow a successful, profitable business – even if you’re not ready to quit your day job yet.

Your Next Steps:

1. Join the Facebook Group

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2. Check your email inbox

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3. Book in the Workshop

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Then look out for email updates including your Workbook to use for the session.

Our private Facebook group is a positive community where you can connect with other women on the road to being  their own boss.

It can be your go to hub – where you can access free business training tips, you can talk about what it’s like to start a business and be in business, you can ask questions and share your wins – because sometimes friends and family just don’t get it…

This group is one of my favourite places to hang out online – so I’ll see you there!

– Shandra Moran (your new ‘work’ friend!)

“Earn great money, doing work you love, without burning out”