Women in Transit is a private coaching, accountability and implementation group.
We open the doors to this special group a few times a year so everyone in the group receives the support and attention they need to get clarity on exactly what they need to do next.


Private Coaching

Private Coaching is a fantastic way to get what you want faster.
There are limited openings through the year. Please book a call with Shandra to discuss.


Transit Talk

It can be exciting AND overwhelming to start your own business when you’ve been a Career women all your life! If you want some geniune, objective support to create clarity and a solid “Transit Plan” to build your future business, just book your 30 minute call.


Radically Transform Your Success!

In this book you’ll hear Shandra’s story of going from an award-winning radio career – to burn out – on to creating a new work life that she loves. Includes inspiring messages from others who have elevated their success and now empower others to achieve the same.