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Shandra Moran

If you want to grow your side business, your biggest asset (and greatest potential handbrake) is your Mindset.

EPISODE 156  |  14:30 minutes

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to be able to make things happen and other people struggle?

Or why some people push through setbacks and others give up at the first hurdle?

Well the secret those ‘get stuff done’ people know is that your success is 80% Mindset…

When it comes to starting and growing a Side Business as part of your corporate escape plan you’ll need to put effort into the inner game as much (if not more than!) the outer game.

In this episode of The Transit Lounge Podcast, Shandra shares:

  • An example of how Mindset totally derailed a potentially great business idea
  • What Mindset actually is
  • How and when you can see your Mindset at work
  • 2 practical tips and techniques you can use to develop a more resilient Mindset

These tips are simple ways you can tap into the super power inside your head and get your business really growing – even if you don’t have a lot of experience and are not even sure if you can make it work, yet…

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