The Transit Lounge Podcast hosted by Shandra Moran

Mini Series: 9 Side Business Tips, celebrating 9 years in business and helping you to grow your Side Business. Welcome to Tip #9.

EPISODE 175 | 22:07 minutes

This episode of The Transit Lounge Podcast is part of a series sharing  9 Side Business Tips, celebrating 9 years in business designed to help you grow your service-based Side Business.

In this episode, we share Tip 9: Nurture Your Superpower
In this practical episode, Shandra delves into the art of recognizing and leveraging your unique superpower so you can grow your side business to be all you dream it could be. She defines what mindset truly means, breaking it into three fundamental components: assumptions, stories, and beliefs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover your one truly unique superpower and how it influences your actions and results
  • Explore the 3 elements that make up your superpower
  • Identify specific actions to discover which elements are working and which need upgrading
  • Experiment with 7 sample mantras to support your side business growth
Quotes from the episode:
“Don’t let someone’s rejection of your material, or of you, be the thing that guides you. Let YOU be the thing that guides you”
Bonnie Garmus |Author of Lessons In Chemistry
“There is ONE superpower that you have, that I know without a doubt will help you more than any other tip or strategy.”
Shandra Moran |CEO of The Transit Lounge
Tune in to unlock the secret sauce of your unique superpower so you can truly leverage it to grow your side business.

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