Career Change – from Accountant to Personal Stylist…

How do you go from a career as an Accountant to being a Personal Stylist and creating a fun, successful, thriving business?

That’s what we explore in this Career Change Conversation with Fiona Keary from Style Liberation.

Fiona was a fashion loving corporate accountant who had no idea how to put together a winning outfit until one day her gorgeous friend roped her into joining her for a colour consultation.

Experiencing an early mid-life crisis and knowing that she didn’t want to be an accountant for the rest of her life, this kicked off a journey of self-discovery and opened up a completely new career path.

This took her from the London banking scene to creating an online personal styling business that has helped thousands of women across Australia and New Zealand.

In this conversation you’ll hear real insights and tips to help you make your move from an unsatisfying career to creating a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you’re ready for!

Watch the video to get the tips: