How to Harness Activation Energy in your Side Business

This is a fantastic and simple technique you can use to get some momentum in your side business – especially if you’ve been procrastinating!

Activation Energy is a concept developed by author of ‘The Happiness Advantage’, Shawn Anchor.

The idea behind it is to help you increase your motivation to take on tasks and projects – as well as the likelihood of you actually doing what you need to do!

This is particularly helpful for career women with a side business because:

  1. you’re likely to have many competing priorities for your limited and precious time,
  2. ‘task switching’ has a very real impact on your brain’s ability to focus

Activation Energy encourages you to break down large tasks into more achievable steps, such as brainstorming, researching, and drafting.

You can also use Visual cues, such as a reward or alarm, to help keep you focused and on track.

By using this approach for important projects and tasks in your business you’re more likely to take the actions you need to take, which will lead you to see progress, which increases your motivation and productivity – as well as helping you get your brand out there to attract some awesome new clients!

You can watch the video to get the tips and examples of how to use Activation Energy in your Side Business: