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Shandra Moran

Dr Katy Abbott is a Composer and Artists Mentor who is about to take her Side Business Full time.

EPISODE 149  |  41 minutes

This episode is part of our Side Business Secrets interview series where we share real life stories of career women at various stages of starting and growing a side business.

In this episode Shandra interviews Dr Katy Abbott who is a Composer and Artists Mentor.

Dr Katy is a highly awarded composer and has 5 solo albums. As if that’s not enough – as the Artist Mentor she also works with established artists and art leaders across disciplines to build long term vibrant practices with impact and momentum…

Katy is about to retire from her Academic career to focus on her Artist Mentorship and composing and in this episode she shares the steps she took in her early days, the decision-making process she went through to decide to leaver her secure ‘day job’ and 2 secrets she thinks every women with a side business should know…

She shares her personal experience of starting her artist mentoring business, which was not initially her intended business venture. She discusses the importance of taking small steps, experimenting, and listening to intuition in the process of creating a successful business.

In this interview podcast episode, Dr. Katy shares with Shandra:

  • The decision-making process of leaving a day job
  • Starting a business and taking small steps toward it
  • Overcoming fear of putting herself out there through webinars and public declarations
  • Refine messaging and marketing approach is an ongoing process
  • The importance of designing a business that feels aligned to what’s most important to you

Dr. Katy touches on the value of letting go of an attachment to outcomes and following what feels right. As an introvert, putting herself out there was -in her own words – quite terrifying for Dr. Katy, but she has learned to accept it and views it as all part of the process.

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