Pricing Strategies for Side Business growth

Pricing Strategies for Side Business growth – What is it and 4 ways to set your pricing

Pricing is one of the big and common hurdles in business start ups – and beyond!

In this Video Shandra share’s some tips and 4 Pricing strategies that you can use in your Side business to help you make sure your business is going to be profitable faster.

This quick video shares:

  1. What ‘Pricing Strategy’ actually means
  2. 4 different type of Pricing Strategy you can use
  3. Pros and cons of each of them

Plus an invitation for you to book a Private ‘Transit Talk’ with Shandra so you can:

  1. review where your business is right now,
  2. what you want your future business to be and do
  3. and identify the actions for you to prioritise to help make that happen.

Watch the videos to get the tips for your Side business growth: