The Transit Lounge Podcast hosted by Shandra Moran

This podcast is designed to provide support, tips, resources and inspiration for women with a side business they want to make their main business for the ‘Third Act’ of their work life.

EPISODE 166 | 31:56 minutes

In this episode of “The Transit Lounge,” host Shandra shares tips on how you can make progress in your business even when you’re juggling all the other aspects of your life like a day job, families, pets, self care, community, social life, sleep…

Shandra shares insights and examples of the power of project management to fast track  business growth and how creating key projects can be the missing piece in your progress.

Key Points Covered:
  • Setting the Stage for Success: the importance of setting clear intentions and focusing efforts on meaningful projects to avoid spinning your wheels and maximize productivity.
  • The Power of Projects: Shandra shares how turning aspirations into tangible projects can propelled you forward to faster results.
  • Identifying Business Projects: Listeners are encouraged to identify projects relevant to their business stage, and the importance of prioritising foundational projects for long-term success.
  • Implementing Project Management Strategies: Shandra outlines five practical steps for implementing project management in business, including checking in with the overarching vision, breaking down projects into manageable phases, and scheduling dedicated time for task completion.
  • 2 Bonus Tips: Two additional tips to help you really leverage the power of project planning to achieve your business goals this year

You can listen to this episode now to discover how embracing projects can accelerate your journey towards building a thriving Side Business on the way to your future main business.

Whether you’ve had your side business for a while, or you’re just starting out, this episode is packed with actionable strategies to help you take your business to the next level.

Listen now and start transforming your future business dreams into reality!

Here’s to being your own boss!

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