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Shandra Moran

In this episode Shandra speaks with Cat Matson from Impactful Presenters as part of the Side Business Secrets interview series.

EPISODE 153  |  44:43 minutes

In this interview podcast episode Cat shares with Shandra:

  • Her original plan for her business and what’s going on now with the business
  • She shares some game changers in regard to her marketing that have given her confidence in the results that she can achieve
  • How she ran her Side Business in 10 hours a week
  • What she learnt about Marketing that she calls a ‘game changer’ and how that changed how she promoted her programs
  • The things she has stopped doing that helped her make more progress
  • The pros and cons of having a Side Business whilst having a busy full time role
  • Making the decision to go full-time in business instead of finding another job
  • The emotional impact of leaving her employee role and what role intuition had in influencing her way forward

Cat Matson shares her journey of starting and scaling her side business while still employed, and how she made the decision to go all-in with her business when her role was made redundant.

Tune in to this episode, to hear Cat Matson’s mindset, tips, and tricks for launching a successful side business, and how she leveraged an intuitive decision-making process to ensure progress.

You can find out more about Cat Matson here:

Website:  Impactful Presenters

Instagram: @catmatson
Twitter: @catmatson

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