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The Side Business Secrets interview series shares real life stories and insights from career women at various stages of starting and growing a side business so you can learn from their experience and fast track your own path to being your own boss…

EPISODE 161 | 54:06 minutes

In this episode Shandra speaks with Kathryn Hunyor from Arts People.

Kathryn is a Japanese-speaking Creative Director & Producer, Consultant and Speaker.

She works as a consultant with some of Australia’s major arts companies including the Australian Chamber Orchestra & Sydney Opera House and collaborates with artists and presenters to create contemporary art projects between Australia and Japan.
She’s also doing a PhD researching the symbiosis of art and business in Japan – so she’s super smart!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What made her decide to focus on her side business as her main thing
  • An analogy about grass 🤔 that helped her get started in her business
  • One question she asks herself to create more confidence
  • What she struggled with in the early days
  • How she ‘accidentally’ started her PHD
  • And her #1 secret to share for anyone else with a business idea they just can’t shake…

Kathryn followed her passion for Japan and has created a business that aligns her skills with some of her true loves, how awesome is that!

You can find out more and connect with Kathryn here:

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