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Side Business Secrets On Her Desk
Side Business Secrets with:
Shandra Moran

Nadia Mitchell is the founder of On Her Desk, a stationery and desk accessory brand. She shares her inspiring story of how she started her side business.

EPISODE 148  |  49 minutes

This episode is part of our Side Business Secrets interview series, sharing real stories of Career Women who are at various stages of starting and scaling a Side Business to be a viable full time focus.

In this episode, Shandra speaks with Nadia Mitchell, the founder of On Her Desk, an Australian stationery and desk accessory brand.

She shares her inspiring story of how she started her own business when she couldn’t find quality professional stationery. Nadia dives into the hurdles she faced while starting a side business while still having a full-time job.

In this interview podcast episode Nadia shares with Shandra:

  • How she created her stationery and desk accessory brand – with no connections and no background in business, sales or marketing
  • The biggest challenge she faced
  • How she managed her time to be realistic about what’s doable
  • Working on the business vs. In the business
  • Reframing thoughts of letting go of a corporate career as she moves into growing the business

Nadia talks about how she was able to overcome these challenges and the tips she has for other career women looking to start their own side gig.

She shares her criteria for any product she creates, the importance of having an ideal client in mind when making decisions.

You can find out more about Nadia here:
Website:  On Her Desk
Facebook: On Her Desk
Instagram: On Her Desk
LinkedIn: Nadia Mitchell
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