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This episode is part of our “Side Business Secrets” interview series where we share real-life stories of career women at various stages of starting and growing a side business

EPISODE 152 | 48:03 minutes

In this episode, I’m speaking with Valerie Khoo, the CEO of the Australian Writers Centre, which is Australia’s largest centre for writing courses.

Valerie shares her inspiring story and real-life advice about starting and growing multiple side businesses.

She started her career in Auditing but soon realized it wasn’t making her happy and decided to pursue writing, painting, and surface design as part of her ‘Portfolio Career’.

In this interview podcast episode, Valerie shares with Shandra:

  • Her thoughts about right and left brain thinking
  • What she did in the first 48 hours after she decided to go ‘all in on her writing career
  • How she approached the move from a ‘stable’ professional role into doing something she really loved
  • The impact of realising she was in the time money trap
  • Her decision to freelance for variety, flexibility, and diversity
  • How she narrowed down her list of potential business ideas
  • The benefits of being hands-on to get to know your business
  • and she shares something she has never told people before about how the Writers Centre actually got started!

Valerie is a true ‘Multi-passionate’ entrepreneur and she talks about how she was able to take a risk and follow her dreams without fear.

You can find out more about Valerie Khoo here:

Website: Australian Writers’ Centre
Books: So you want to be a writer
Power Stories: The 8 stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business
Twitter: @valeriekhoo
Facebook: Valerie Khoo

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