Side Business Tips from Serena Williams

In September 2022 Serena Williams announced her upcoming ‘retirement’ from tennis in an article in Vogue magazine.
This was ‘talk worthy’ for a few reasons, including her reasons why, and her alternative language for retirement.

In reading the article a few things popped out as really value-able tips for women with a side gig so Shandra did a quick video to share 4 tips for career women who want to be their own boss.

Watch the video to get the tips:

What Next?

PS – This video mentions Side Gig September – Australia’s 1st online Mentoring Month for Career Women who want to be their own boss. Unfortunately, that event has closed until September 2023, but you can stay connected and get regular free training tips and resources when you join our free Facebook group: Career Change – start and grow your own business.