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Shandra Moran

This 4 part series will help demystify some commonly used Marketing terms so you can be clear and confident about what they mean – and decide if and how they are relevant to your business.

EPISODE 158  |  17:28 minutes

People often say that business would be so much easier if you didn’t have to do any Marketing 😅

The reality is that for 99.8% of businesses – without Marketing you don’t have a business.

Marketing is also one of the biggest challenges for women starting a side business and unless you have a background in Marketing there is a lot of new territory and terminology.

To help you build your knowledge and confidence around Marketing for your side business, this 4 part series will explain some of the most commonly used Marketing terms so you know what they mean and decide if and how they are relevant to your side business.

In Part 2 of this series Shandra gives you an overview of:

1. Niche – 

  • what it is
  • the benefits
  • and why you need one
2. Ideal Client – 
  • what stage you need one
  • what you have to do or know before you can identify yours
  • how it impacts other aspects of your marketing
3. Content Marketing –
  • the goal of Content marketing
  • 7 types you can choose from
  • the most important factor to consider

These are three really important aspects of the Marketing foundation of your business, so no matter what stage you are at it’s important you know what they mean and to start to think about how they apply to your business.

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