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Mini Series: 9 Side Business Tips, celebrating 9 years in business and helping you to grow your Side Business. Welcome to Tip #2!

EPISODE 168 | 12:49 minutes

This episode of The Transit Lounge Podcast is part of a series sharing 9 Side Business Tips, celebrating 9 years in business designed to help you to grow your service-based Side Business.

Welcome to Tip 2 – Dealing With Discomfort…

Whilst no one really likes feeling uncomfortable, it’s an inevitable part of being in business, so you need to make friends with discomfort!

This episode is designed to prompt you to reflect on your current areas of discomfort in your business and consider your typical responses.


This can help you recognize patterns of behaviour so you can seek support from your network to push through the discomfort and achieve your goals.


Key Tips Mentioned in the Episode:
  • Expect Discomfort: Recognise discomfort as a natural part of your entrepreneurial journey.
  • View Discomfort as a Friend: Embrace discomfort as a necessary companion for growth, like a supportive friend who pushes you out of your comfort zone.
  • Build a Support Network: Surround yourself with other women entrepreneurs who understand your challenges and can offer guidance and encouragement.
  • Reflect on Responses: Consider how you typically respond to discomfort and identify patterns to navigate them better.


Quote from the Episode:

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable, because success lies in discomfort.”

No matter what your business offers, or what stage you’re at, the tips in this episode and the coming tips will be relevant and useful for you.

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