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Mini Series: 9 Side Business Tips, celebrating 9 years in business and helping you to grow your Side Business. Welcome to Tip #6!

EPISODE 172 | 16:18 minutes

This episode of The Transit Lounge Podcast is part of a series sharing  9 Side Business Tips, celebrating 9 years in business designed to help you grow your service-based Side Business.

In this episode, we share Tip 6 – Raising Your Visibility
Visibility is about standing out from competitors by effectively communicating what makes your business different and worth choosing. You can do this through your marketing, online presence, and unique personal branding.
Your business may stagnate or never gain traction if not enough people are aware you exist and what you offer. You risk working hard and burning yourself out with little return due to a lack of awareness and not enough of the right clients finding you and your business.

This episode discusses the importance of raising your visibility as a service-based entrepreneur so you can attract plenty of great clients and have a business that feels unique and perfect for you.

In this episode, you will hear: 
  • 3 signs that you need to increase your business visibility
  • The feedback Shandra got that made her share more of herself in her business
  • 3 first steps to take to start to raise your visibility – to the extent you feel comfortable with
  • Actions you can take this week to start to raise your visibility
Even though you may grow into it, visibility is important for both new and established businesses.
More visibility means more potential clients. For service-based businesses especially, this is a vital part of differentiating yourself and your business so you can attract ideal clients for what you’re offering.

Visibility is a win-win.

It helps people see who is behind the business so they can feel more confident to take the next step towards working with you to get the results they are looking for and it helps you create and enjoy a thriving business now and in the future.

Do you enjoy this kind of food for thought?

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