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Managing the Inner and Outer Game of Working for Yourself


If you are going to make the change to working for yourself, you can’t just focus on the outer game.

It can be tempting to just get caught up with the “busy busy” to do list of actions and ticking things off your list, but the reality is that this is a trap!

EPISODE 99  |  28 minutes

The bigger and more influential game is managing your inner game.

This episode was inspired buy conversations with a few clients this week and the Australian Open being on.

Tennis is such a great analogy for business and life because you can have the skills and the know how, but how you show up, how you respond on the day, in each moment has a massive impact on the results.

So yes working on the practical things is important – you have to take action, build your skills and competence on all the surface level stuff. But can’t only focus on that.

Because whilst those things are important and need to be done, they are not the whole game and only focusing on them can leave you unprepared for the inner stuff that can and will come up.

In this episode Shandra shares:

  • Something a family member said early in her first business that she was unprepared for and the impact it had
  • A couple of recent client stories and examples to show how your inner game is linked to your outer game and results
  • Ideas for how to focus more on your inner game

“Your inner game dictates your outer game” by Fabienne Frederickson
– American Millionaire mompreneur and author

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