The Transit Lounge Podcast hosted by Shandra Moran

Money Tips for Women in Business


Money is a critical piece of the puzzle to starting and growing a successful business.

There’s no escaping it.

EPISODE 115  |  29 minutes

And it’s something we’re not often taught about in a meaningful and constructive way as a kid – so, as an adult, we have to go out explore and learn about it ourselves, especially if you want to have a profitable business of your own.

After many conversations about money with clients recently this episode is designed to add to your education and exploration of you and money.

In this episode Shandra shares:

  • Something you and money have in common that you might not think about that often
  • The two sides to working with money
  • 5 Money Zones – aspects of your life that impact how you think, feel and behave around money
  • How one of those aspects shows up when it’s working for you and what you’ll notice if it’s not
  • Client examples of how money ‘stuff’ impacts in business life

Plus, an invitation for you to do a quick 5 minute tick a box Money Breakthrough Quiz so you can learn more about the 5 Money Zones and find out which one you should focus on first to have the biggest impact on your bank balance.

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