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Podcast guest Alisonv Vidotto
Podcast Guest:
Alison Vidotto

Making career change after 40 is often seen as ‘too hard’ or ‘too late’, but this series of interviews will showcase a range of stories with women who have done exactly that.

EPISODE 96  |  38 minutes

Alison Vidotto was happy in a challenging career, but a massive growth spurt in the family business meant she had to leave that job to step in as CEO to oversee the strategy and direction of the business.

In this episode Alison shares:

  • How she had to find and develop a passion for the business
  • The challenges of imposter syndrome and how she managed it
  • The contrast in communication styles of the type of people she was working with compared to what she was used to
  • The challenge of explosive growth vs the challenge of a market crash
  • The most important support she got to help with the transition and growth
  • Building the family business back up to 7 figures and beyond

If you have ever thought that making a career change after 40 is too late or too hard then listen to this episode.

Thank you for listening!

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