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Podcast guest Bianca deReus
Podcast Guest:
Bianca de Reus

In this interview series with women who’ve made a career change to work for themselves after the age of 40, there have been a range of reasons why they decided to make the change.

EPISODE 108  |  59 minutes

The series of events that led Bianca de Reus to make the change is possibly the most unique one that has been shared in the series so far. It includes a story about an unusual interaction with a snake that some might find difficult to believe.

Bianca had worked in various roles in Finance before exploring a range of other roles that led her to now be doing work that is her absolute joy.

In this interview Bianca shares:

  • Feedback from a boss that ‘stung’, but with hindsight was a gift
  • Mistakes she made with various attempts at starting her own thing
  • An interesting side step role she took that was life changing
  • What she encourages people to use more of in their business
  • The impact of her role being made redundant
  • How others reacted to the work she does now
  • Great tips on how to manage working for yourself after a corporate role
  • One thing she believes every person in business needs to be successful

Bianca’s story includes some things that might be challenging for some to hear, but if you keep an open mind there are many gems you can apply to transitioning to working for yourself.

You can connect with Bianca at her Facebook group: connectingsoulbeings

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