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Podcast guest Deb Peters
Podcast Guest:
Deb Peters

How do you make a career change after 28 years in an industry with 5 kids?

After almost 3 decades in early childhood teaching Deb Peters decided it was time to make a change.

EPISODE 134  |  46 minutes

She kept it a secret until she’d really made up her mind to revisit a ‘side gig’ in the Beauty industry that she’d had many years earlier and make it her full time focus.

In this podcast interview she shares:

  • The ‘plan’ she had but didn’t follow
  • The plan she didn’t have and how that impacted her
  • How others reacted to her ‘sudden’ decision
  • The areas that have been steep learning curves
  • The fears she had in the early days
  • The support she got that was invaluable
  • Tips and traps to look out for as you start a new business

Deb bought a ‘bricks and mortar’ business and has survived throughout Covid closures and is re-open and growing, so this is a great episode for anyone considering a physical business for the next chapter of their work life…

If you would like to connect with Deb and find out more about her and her fabulous organic ‘skin food’ products you can do that here:
Instagram: @mattaribeauty

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