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Podcast guest Emma Rhoades
Podcast Guest:
Emma Rhoades

A career – with all its changes can be a bit of a cocktail. It certainly has been for Emma Rhoades!

With the average time in a role reducing and an increase in the number of women starting businesses the traditional’ road is no longer as common, and Emma’s road has been anything but ‘traditional’.

EPISODE 141 |  49 minutes

Her career path has been a mix of business ownership, corporate roles, into project consulting, side gigging and online business creation.

  • In this podcast interview episode Emma shares with Shandra:
  • The many different types of businesses she has trialled
  • Building and extracting from a successful photography business
  • The inner and outer challenges of starting your own business
  • The influence of how she see herself as a person
  • Her approach to networking as an introvert
  • Great tips and philosophy for others with an inkling of an idea for their own thing

Emma is a great example of modern career development and has some fantastic tips for women wanting to explore the possibility of being their own boss after a successful career.

You can find out more about Emma here:
LinkedIn: leadershipdevelopmentandcoach
Facebook: herleadershipjourney

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