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podcast Fiona Anchal

Podcast Guest:
Fiona Anchel

Starting a solo business after a career can be both exciting and daunting…

After 17 years in retail, corporate roles and a marketing degree, Fiona Anchal is now following her passion for plant based eating and turning it into a growing solo business.

EPISODE 145  |  56 minutes

In this interview podcast episode Fiona shares with Shandra:

  • How she’s transitioning from a ‘job’ to her business
  • Her earlier attempts to follow her passion that didn’t last
  • How her husband – and business partner reacted to her new idea
  • The link between water fasting and her business progress
  • Her biggest fears going ‘solo’
  • The way she ‘just got started’
  • What drives her to get this business really growing next year
  • What she thinks has helped her be successful already

Fiona is tapping into a passion that overlaps with a growing industry and her approach to transitioning is a great model for you to get insights and ideas to apply to your own moves towards being your own boss.

You can find out more about Fiona here:
Instagram and Facebook: @wholesomebellies

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