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Podcast guest Frances Pratt
Podcast Guest:
Frances Pratt

Can you imagine having a successful role, with equity in a business and then making yourself redundant, after the age of 40?

Frances Pratt has spent 24 years ‘selling’ – mostly for others, now she does it for herself. The business she has created – Metisan – leverages all her experience and helps businesses set up their Sales systems and teams to be curious and customer centric.

EPISODE 143  |  55 minutes

In this interview podcast episode Fran shares with Shandra:

  • Why she got sick of setting up successful sales systems as an employee
  • How her Dad helped her bring her MBA to life
  • The way her sister described her that made her realise one of her ‘superpowers’
  • Why starting her own business after 40 was a good thing
  • The approach she took to fast track working out what she wanted her business to be and do
  • Her fascination with Greek mythology
  • Why getting up at 5am works for her
  • A rule of thumb to predict your sales
Frances is a sales expert who has channelled all her expereince to create a business that really works for her, and delivers great results for her clients.
You can find out more and connect with her here:

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