The Transit Lounge Podcast hosted by Shandra Moran

Podcast Guest:
Hayley Hendrix

When living the LA lifestyle didn't quite live up to the dream Hayley Hendrix had to make a big career change.

She had found herself at a major crossroad that made her realise she had been living what she calls 'a big fat lie'.

EPISODE 122  |  48 minutes

So she packed up, went back to Perth and reassessed what was really important to her and discovered that the work she really wanted to do more than anything else, was to be a mother.

  • In this interview episode Hayley shares:
  • The impact of realising she had to totally change direction
  • Why she had to make having a baby her priority project
  • How she found a sperm donor on Facebook!
  • Writing a book as a solo mum about her 'rogue route to motherhood'
  • A fantastic quote from Jane Fonda that inspires her

Hayley is now super passionate about helping others who want to be a parent how to navigate the donor path with more confidence.

You can find out more about Hayley here:
LinkedIn: hayleyhendrix
Facebook: kbutigroup

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