The Transit Lounge Podcast hosted by Shandra Moran

Podcast guest Jane Walters
Podcast Guest:
Jane Walters

Is making a career change within the same industry still considered a career change?

When you’ve been employed in an industry for your whole career and then make the move to work for yourself the answer is yes!

EPISODE 135  |  42 minutes

For Jane Walters, after a ‘lifetime’ in one industry she made the change to start her own business channeling her years of experience in various finance roles along with her passion for personal development.

In this podcast interview Jane shares with Shandra:

  • A quote she loves that is appropriate to this podcast interview series
  • Her ‘woo woo’ side and interest in masculine and feminine energies
  • The difference between how change looks once it’s made vs when you’re making it
  • The support and criticism of others when she made the decision
  • How she tackled the financial side
  • The best thing she invested in – even though it felt like a stretch

You can find out more about Jane and connect with her here:
Facebook: janekwalters
Instagram: janekwalters

And access Jane’s free Money Mindset resource here

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