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Podcast guest Karen Geloven
Podcast Guest:
Karen Geloven

Not many people make a career change from a ‘cushy’ government job to a million dollar business.

Karen Geloven made that leap by redirecting her passion for teaching and has turned it into a multimillion dollar tutoring business focused on providing support for kids needing more help with maths and english.

EPISODE 138  |  56 minutes

A driven and genuine life long learner, Karen is a fantastic example of what’s possible… her story shows what can happen when you combine passion with a solid work ethic to create a business that challenges and inspires you, whilst making a big impact in the lives of your clients.
In this podcast interview episode Karen shares with Shandra:
  • The impact of seeing so many kids ‘falling behind’ in school
  • Frustrations that led to her decision to explore other options
  • Fears around not making enough money
  • How she ‘fell’ into the business opportunity
  • The creativity that opened up through her determination to buy the business without the money
  • What has driven her expansion from 1 centre to 7
  • Her tips for women with an idea to do their own thing after a career
Karen is a fantastic business owner and shares some great insights on the road to a super successful business – and she honestly believes that if she can do it, then anyone can.
You can find out more and connect with Karen here:

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