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Podcast guest Michelle Vogrinec
Podcast Guest:
Michelle Vogrinec

What do you do for a career change in your 40’s after creating a well loved Australian baby brand?

Michelle Vogrinec spent 17 years building up Gaia natural baby skin products and sold the business a year ago.

After bringing that business and brand to life she is now sharing her years of experience with other mums in business.

EPISODE 136  |  53 minutes

In this podcast interview episode, Michelle shares with Shandra:

  • How the first ideas and Gaia products came about
  • The insights that only came after she had sold the business
  • Things she learnt the hard way
  • What she thought she would do after she sold – that’s she’s not doing yet
  • How she decided to provide coaching for mums in business
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • The money questions that are the most important to know the answers to
  • Advice she was given in business that really helped her

Michelle is the real deal, with real world experience creating a successful business and brand.

If you’d like to connect with her you can do that here:
Instagram: michelle.vogrinec
LinkedIn: michelle-vogrinec

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