The Transit Lounge Podcast hosted by Shandra Moran

Podcast Guest:
Nichol Stark

Imagine making a career change in your 40's after 24 years with the same company.

Making a career change after years in an industry is hard, making the change after 40 is even harder and leaving a company you have literally 'grown up with' is in a league of its own.

EPISODE 109  |  46 minutes

Nichol Stark had a very successful career with Suncorp, going through a range of roles as she gained experience and went through different stages of life.

She was earning big bucks and had a lot of great friends at work, but after some health issues and moving to the beautiful Hawkesbury region she started thinking about making a career change.

In this podcast interview Nichol shares:

  • The identity crisis that kicked in after she left Suncorp
  • The 5 stages of 'grief' she has only just realised she went through when she started working for herself
  • The 'pivot' she is making from what she thought she wanted to do
  • How others reacted to her decision to leave a 'safe' job
  • One of the biggest challenges she faces working for herself that she didn't expect
  • The crucial support she has found that helps her build her business
  • The best parts of working for herself
  • Tips for you if you're considering working for yourself

This podcast series is about sharing stories of how women have made career change after 40 - why they did it, how they did it and lessons they have learnt, so that you can go into your own transition feeling informed and in good company.

You can find out more about Nichol here:

Learn more about the Women in Transit Program

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