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Podcast guest Peta Gillian
Podcast Guest:
Peta Gillian

After a successful career getting to a General Manager role in a Software company lost it’s appeal and health issues started appearing, Peta Gillian, then in her early 40’s resigned to start a work life in the health industry as the owner of ‘Strong Healthy Women’.

EPISODE 100  |  52 minutes

In this podcast interview Peta shares:

  • the exact moment she knew she needed to resign and why she did it
  • how she melded personal experience and passions into her business direction
  • the plans she didn’t have that she wished she did as she started working for herself
  • The transition approach she took and how it helped build her confidence
  • The family member who still doesn’t think she has a ‘real job’
  • One thing that is hard about working for yourself that she didn’t expect
  • The inspiration she gets from her clients

This is a great conversation with insights on the different ways you can make successful career change after 40.

Thank you for listening!

You can find out more about Peta here:
Facebook: @StrongHealthyWomen
Free Facebook group: Women Over 50 Get Active & Healthy

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