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Podcast guest Robin Rakowsky
Podcast Guest:
Robin Rakowsky

Making a career change can be challenging at any age but after 40 a lot of people, especially women, feel like they might have left it too late to make change.

EPISODE 97  |  58 minutes

That’s the reason why this podcast interview series was created, to showcase a range of stories of women who have gotten to a point where they said enough!

Now it’s time for me to do something I really want to do!

Robin Rakowsky was a librarian for 20 years when she felt that something was calling her to make a change and do something different… she just couldn’t imagine herself sitting at a desk fro the rest of her working life…

She started looking at courses that might give her a bit of an outlet and as a result she now works for herself as a Floral Designer and totally loves what she does.

In this podcast interview, Robin shares:

  • The influence her family had on making the change
  • The surprising household addition that has added extra joy
  • What it feels like when she’s in the zone of her work
  • Mantras she lives and works by
  • Why she thinks it’s easier to make career change later in life
  • How she uses her past experience in very different roles and industries in her work today and tips for anyone wanting to make a change to do their own thing

Enjoy this episode and thank you for listening.

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