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Podcast guest Shauna Thomson
Podcast Guest:
Shauna Thomson

Making a career change to work for yourself after 20 years in an industry is a big leap to make.

That’s exactly what Shauna Thomson did.

She was a single parent [by choice], in her early 40’s, in an organisation that valued youth and encouraged a negative competitive culture.

EPISODE 101  |  54 minutes

The impact of being in that environment took it’s toll and along with significant events in her personal life, Shauna made the decision to leave and to work for herself.

In this honest and open conversation Shauna shares:

  • the calling she had in high school that wouldn’t go away
  • the impact of new bosses and new directions
  • the early warning signs that were there, that she didn’t listen to and the consequences of that
  • the symbol in a dream that is central to her business now
  • tips on how to really look at your finances before you quit your job, the value of building a ‘mindful’ network
  • What her family were happy about and not so happy about in the changes she made.

This is a great episode for anyone thinking about making a change to get away from an environment that’s not serving you, to create a work life that works for you.

Thank you for listening!

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