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Podcast guest Siobhan
Podcast Guest:
Siobhan Tagell

It takes a special kind of person to make a complete career change after more than 25 years in one industry.

Adding to that being over 40, without another job to go to and that takes things to a whole other level!

EPISODE 130  |  48 minutes

Siobhan Tagell fell into a job in the office products industry and quickly rose the ranks to become a General Manager and was highly respected in her role.

Long hours and health challenges led her to pull the pin on that career path and opened up to a new opportunity to start her own business as a Project manager for home renovations in Sydney’s Inner West.

In this week’s podcast episode, Siobhan shares with Shandra:

  • How she left her Uni degree behind and the struggles in making that happen
  • The reasons she stayed in one role for 17 years
  • The physical toll her ‘successful’ role took on her
  • Why she turned down a ‘dream’ job offer after she resigned
  • How she got the idea for her business and it wasn’t what she thought it would be
  • The things she found easy as an employee that have been harder in her own business
  • The best things about working for herself
  • Tips on preparing for the financial impact of working for yourself

You can connect with Siobhan here:
Instagram: perfectplanpm

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