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Podcast guest Stacy
Podcast Guest:
Stacy Juba

Making a career change to create your own business is becoming increasingly common.

But how do you make the leap from being a ‘Lois Lane’ reporter to having a successful editing business and creating an online course to make your business scaleable, whilst having several books published along the way?

EPISODE 126  |  46 minutes

That’s exactly what Stacy Juba from Shortcuts for Writers has done.
In this interview episode, Stacy shares with Shandra:
  • The various ‘writing’ jobs she has done
  • How she came up with the ides for her online course
  • The business start up traps she fell into – and how she got out of them
  • The part of online business she felt the most intimidated by
  • The various ways and places she got the support she needed and tackling the ‘money questions’
This conversation has some great insights for anyone thinking about diving in to the online course.
If you would like to find out more about Stacy’s work and her course you can connect with her here:
Author Website:
Website for Writers:
Shortcuts for Writers – Editing Made Simple Facebook Group: groups/shortcutsforwriters
Facebook: Stacy-Juba
Instagram: stacy_juba

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