The Transit Lounge Podcast hosted by Shandra Moran

Podcast guest Tamsin Somerville
Podcast Guest:
Tamsin Somerville

Feeling like a cog in a wheel was a catalyst for career change.

After 20 years in local government policy and strategy, Tamsin Somerville felt like a cog in a wheel, and an overnight camping trip sparked the beginning of a whole new career chapter.

EPISODE 144  |  50 minutes

In this interview podcast episode Tamsin shares with Shandra:

  • How she went from ‘relatively happy’ to inspired with a new business idea
  • The first steps she took to start a product based business
  • What really drove her desire to start her own business
  • Things that took longer than she thought that she wish she kew earlier
  • How her family and others responded to her business plans
  • Her thoughts on the pros and cons of a product business compared to a service business
  • Three tips for anyone with an idea for their own business

You can connect with and learn more about Tamsin here:
Facebook: Incontinence │ light bladder leakage – tips, support and shared stories

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