The Transit Lounge Podcast hosted by Shandra Moran

Podcast Guest:
Tanya Simpson

Imagine having spent about 50% of your life working in one industry before a restructure prompted a career change.

Tanya Simpson had worked in various promotions and marketing roles in radio for over 20 years.

EPISODE 131  |  50 minutes

The restructure of her department opened the space for her to consider starting her own business about 15 months ago.

In this podcast interview Tanya shares invaluable tips including:

  • The fears and benefits of starting a business in the same industry she’d worked in
  • How people reacted to her talking about starting her own business
  • The 2 key challenges she faced in the early days
  • The shift in Mindset she’s had to make
  • One thing she thinks is critically important in business
  • An approach she’s taken that has created great opportunities for her
  • How Zena Princess Warrior helps her.

Tanya has had a fantastic and very successful career and a really positive first year or so in her business and she shares some great insights and tips in her signature down to earth style and good humour.

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