The Transit Lounge Podcast hosted by Shandra Moran

Start and grow your business with project planning


Growing a business takes planning.

You can’t just have an idea for a business and jump into it without a plan, or without knowing what to work on or when.

EPISODE 129  |  23 minutes

That’s where bringing a project planning approach comes into play and the good thing is that project management is a really common transferable skill.

So if you’ve had a successful career you more than likely have some great project experience you can leverage in your business.

In this podcast episode Shandra shares:

  • Why bringing a project planning approach is necessary for your business success
  • Things that some people do that drives her nuts
  • 6 steps to project planning
  • A bonus tip that will help you follow through on your project
  • Why now is the IDEAL time for you to pick a project
  • Something she has learnt about herself this week.

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