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Marketing is the lifeblood of any successful business, but it’s not necessarily something you automatically know and understand when you’re starting a Side Business.

EPISODE 157 | 17:28 minutes

One of the most common concerns and challenges that women starting a side business say they have is around Marketing and how they’ll get clients.

It’s also one of the things that can be the most unfamiliar.

To help tackle that, this 4 part series will explain some of the most commonly used Marketing terms so you will know what they mean and how they are relevant to your side business.

In Part 1 Shandra gives you an overview of:

1. Marketing –

  • what it is and isn’t and
  • the different types of Marketing
2. A Marketing Plan
  • what you need to include
  • and what you don’t need when you’re starting out
3. A Launch –
  • Beyond launching your overall business
  • the purpose and types you can choose from

One of the best ways to build your confidence in an new area or subject matter is to start to learn the terminology. This 4 part series will help you clarify some important Marketing terminology as you build your knowledge and confidence to Market your business.

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