Side Gig Stories with Natalie Yan Chatonsky

Hosted by Shandra Moran, the Side Gig Stories interview series will share interviews with real life career women who are at different stages of starting and growing a side gig.

This series is designed to provide insights and inspiration to encourage all career women with an idea for a Side Business to get it started and growing so they can choose to make it their full time thing in the future.

In this live interview Shandra speaks with Natalie Yan-Chatonsky, a high achieving consultant with experience in Product Management and Innovation as well as the author of the brand new book ‘The Art of Full Time Living’.

Natalie will share some of her story, what drives her and tips for other women with a side business in their future.

Watch the video to hear Natalie’s story and her tips for others wanting to start and grow a side business later in life: