When you’re starting a business it’s exciting to brainstorm ideas for your business name and to think about a great logo BUT before you get caught up thinking about logos there’s some groundwork to do first.

A great logo:

  • creates a strong first impression and
  • attracts your ideal prospects.

If you want your logo to do both of those things, then you need to start by thinking about what sort of impression you want your brand to make and WHO you are wanting to attract.

For your brand to be effective it needs to be built around the cross section of who you are, what you want to be known for, and the type of person you want to work with – your ideal client.

What do you want to be known for?

When you’re creating your own business it’s a good idea to build it with some ideas of a unique selling proposition – what is it that makes what you do or provide, different from others who provide a similar product or service to you?

Maybe it’s the way you create, do ‘your thing’ or a unique background or set of skills or experience that you draw on, as challenging as it can be and trust me this can be uncomfortable to discover!

It’s worth you thinking about what it is that would make someone choose your brand over another.

Part of this can be in exploring your Brand Values – what is it most important to you in the context of your business and what you provide? What would you never compromise on, even in the name of making money?

These are all insights that you can draw on to create a unique and compelling brand that you can be proud of.

Who is Your Ideal Client?

Your ideal client is a representative person that you want to work with, they could be a real person you know or have worked with before, or it could be a made-up profile.

Either way it should be clear enough that you could describe them as if they were real and that when you describe them, someone would be able to say they know a person like that.

You need to consider things like their age, where they live, where they ‘hang out’ online or in real life, what their income level is like, who is involved in the decision making when it comes to purchase.

Once you have that clear picture in mind you will be in a far better position to brief a graphic designer so they can create a great logo that will attract the right kind of prospects and increase the likelihood of you making a sale.

Your logo is just one part of creating and sharing your Brand story, and the ground work you do, before creating a logo is going to be hugely beneficial to building your business in the long run.

For more tips and support to create and build your brand to grow a profitable solo business you love check out our coaching and implementation group: Women In Transit – the path to being your own boss