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Podcast guest Emma Polette
Podcast Guest:
Emma Polette

The career change after 40 interview series keeps uncovering great, ‘ordinary’ women who left successful careers to work for themselves.

After ‘falling’ into a career in FMCG Emma Polette found herself managing multi-million dollar budgets, with a National role she was good at, but didn’t love, in a boys club industry.

EPISODE 110  |  51 minutes

Then some health issues kicked in [as seem to often be the case with high achieving women], leading her to consider doing something else and now she is.

How she found her new direction was a little unusual, but in this podcast episode she shares:

  • A comment a colleague made to Emma that made Shandra cranky
  • The moment the epiphany hit about what she wanted to do and how to escape the big city to start a new career
  • The epic way she ‘gave notice’ and left her role gracefully
  • The varying reactions from people who heard she was leaving her high paying job
  • What she realised with hindsight that could have helped her build her business faster
  • What happens on the new moon that impacts her business
  • How and what direction her business is growing in

Emma is a fabulous example of what’s possible when you’re ready to bundle up what you’re good at and what you believe in to start working for yourself.

You can find out more about Emma here:
Facebook: bodylovenow

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