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Podcast guest Mel De Gioia
Podcast Guest:
Melanie De Gioia

Sometimes the path to a career change to start your own business after 40 is not a straight line.

After a decade as an IT Project Manager and a few meandering streams Mel de Gioia has landed on a business that she thinks was destined to happen and Covid just accelerated the timeline.

EPISODE 140  |  55 minutes

In her 30’s she loved her career and would never have even considered starting her own business, but with hindsight can see how many of her eclectic experiences now contribute to how she has set up and runs her business.
In this podcast interview episode Mel shares with Shandra:
  • How her husband opened the door to her entrepreneurial spirit – it involves a Ferrari
  • The unintended passion that opened up for her in her 40’s
  • How NASA impacted part of her business
  • The Mission that inspires and drives her
  • How long it took her to really nail her idea
  • The identity questions that helped her refine what she really wanted to do – and what she didn’t
  • Her tips for others wanting to explore starting their own business
Mel has a fantastic mission that contributes on a local, national and global level and you can connect with her here:
LinkedIn: melaniedegioia

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