The Transit Lounge Podcast hosted by Shandra Moran

Podcast Guest:
Samantha Richards

What if having a lot of great experience, sparkling personality and an easygoing nature actually worked AGAINST you when you were trying to make a career change after the age of 40?

EPISODE 117  |  46 minutes

For Samantha Richards that was exactly what she found she had over a decade of experience in high level EA roles with experience in everything from running office administration and events, to supporting in Nigerian fraud claims and yet, when she wanted to get a new role she repeatedly got shortlisted only to be knocked back because of her experience.

Not content to accept that, Samantha used her time to explored other interests and develop her talent for speaking and now she is a Public Speaking coach for adults and kids.

In this career change interview episode Samantha shares:

  • The impact of applying for 65 jobs - all unsuccessful
  • How she got the idea for her business
  • The challenges she faced in setting up a business rather than being an employee
  • The impact of money and the financial side of things
  • A message she would have liked to have been told earlier in life and work
  • Small daily rituals that help set up her day to go well

You can find out more about Samantha here:
Instagram: building.voices
Facebook: buildingvoices

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